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Help Companies Make More Money

PROFIT. It's what every business owner wants and what every company needs to succeed. Pam helps companies create systems and processes to increase productivity, cut costs and increase the bottom line = PROFIT.


Business Accounting

There is a big difference between business accounting and tax accounting. 

And not knowing the difference can cost you millions! Pam specializes in helping business owners understand the difference and use both accounting types to grow their companies



Life is about Balance. 

Let's talk about your goals, then create a road map to get your there. 


High Integrity

"Pam Jordan is one of the most dynamic individuals I have had the pleasure of working with. She has helped me tremendously in my own business and with my clients as well. More importantly than her business acumen, she is a person of high integrity that I am honored to call my friend. Thank you Pam for all that you do." - Mikyle Jesson

Solid Coaching

"Advisor is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Pam. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Pam for several years during which we would collaborate about our small business. Above all, I was impressed with Pam’s ability to consistently provide solid coaching when asked. And, of course, her professional demeanor would be a true asset for any positions requiring marketing, mentoring and business coaching and comes with my heartfelt recommendation." - Josh Schieffer

Gives 500%

"Pam is an asset to any business that she works for. She gives 500% to every project she is assigned. Her creative out-of-the-box ideas set her apart from her peers." - Cindy Gordon

Entrepreneurial Spirit

"Her entrepreneurial spirit combined with her professionalism and intelligence enable her to accomplish a wide array of initiatives. Pam has high ethical standards expects the same of others. It is a pleasure to work with her." - Lynn Unsworth


"Pam's skills far and exceed my expectations in event planning, organization skills, and carrying out communications with professionalism. I highly recommend her as a colleague, professional, and as a person of high integrity." - Nikki Everitt


"Without Pam's financial help would never have been able to get the outside funding we needed to grow our company." - Karen Trickey